For complete transparency we produce a full Asset report per collection which is available to download via clients portal. The user friendly system has been purposefully designed to ensure customers always have access to their recycling records so that they can easily and effectively cross reference assets.

Asset Management

After each collection we produce a comprehensive asset report for each and every item collected (with the exception of minor peripherals i.e. Keyboards and mice). Reports are usually completed within a working week and forwarded to clients in a PDF electronic format via their online portal (hard copies can also be requested).


A typical asset report* will include the following information as a minimum* (although additional information can be added if required).

    ✓ Make & model of each item of equipment

    ✓ Customer asset number (if applicable)

    ✓ Equipment serial number

    ✓ Location

    ✓ Complete WEEE certificate containing EWC codes & Serial Numbers

    ✓ Collection summary

Returns Management

60 billion pounds are lost every year through product returns alone in the UK. Through our combined extensive reach into product life-cycle management across various sectors, we can implement an effective returns management system which potentially decreases the amount of revenue a company looses due to mismanagement of goods during the supply-chain. Goods which cannot be redeployed can also be re-routed through other recycling channels which may generate additional revenue as a means to reduce losses where-other would have been lost absolutely.

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